Zibo China Accor Hotel

Accor is a unique international hotel group that develops and operates hotels in the world's most important markets, such as China, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, "said Michael Issenberg.

Iis is in its fastest expansion - in China, where 40% of its current hotel network is built from seven Ibis hotels. Another 62 hotels are expected to join the network, with 100 by the end of the decade. These 60 new hotels will be spread over the country over the next five years, including the Ibi Beijing, IbI Shanghai and IbIS Guangzhou, as well as the new Zibo China Hotel.

Earlier this year, Accor opened the Grand Mercure Xidan Beijing, which joins the established Novotel Xinqiao in Guangzhou, the first of its kind in the country to have just completed a major renovation. Sofitels will expand in Beijing and Shanghai in the next few years, forming the comprehensive network of Sofitsel hotels in both countries. The new Zibo China Hotel with a capacity of 2,000 rooms will be the second largest hotel in China after the Ibi Beijing Hotel and will be a feature of the development activities of 2007.

Accor also has its sights set on the major secondary cities in 2007 and earlier this year added the Grand Mercure Xidan Beijing, the first of its kind in China. The secondary city will focus on areas that are currently not served by high-quality 3-star accommodation, while the brand will make its first foray into the upper end of the market in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou in 2008. While there is considerable activity in the economic sector, China's top end markets are also being built in other areas.

The potential for Ibis hotel products is enormous and with the growing domestic market, the brand will be an attractive option for many hotels in China due to its ability to guarantee quality at affordable prices. This chic 52-room hotel is located in the heart of Beijing, a city of more than 1.5 million people.

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More About Zibo